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A former AmpControl trainee, Mr Owen founded his company Saphi Engineering, which creates robotic solutions for industrial clients, in 2017.

Its flagship product is CyferLinx, dubbed “the LinkedIn of coding” because it allows coders to store their coding platforms in one place, automatically generates an online resume with a graph of a coder’s “languages”, and allows recruiters and employers a real time view of their skills.

Blast Furnace will run an introduction to coding for beginners, coding competitions for intermediate skill levels and project-based collaborations for advanced coders. Participants can register on Cyferlinx to boost their employment prospects.

“I like the idea of going to this type of event where you can compete and collaborate on projects; other meet-ups are more based on hearing someone talk on a topic,” says Mr Owen.

“There’s nowhere to go to get help on something or just learn and talk to people with industry experience.”